F3 shortcut

F3 shortcut

As some of the codes may consist of many characters, it is quicker and safer to insert the whole code into translation. This can be easily done using the F3 shortcut.


F3 - Copy down next code (one code)When you just want to insert the next code, press F3 and the next tag/code from the source text will appear in the translation. The default setting will fetch the next tag/code that does not exist in the translation.

However, you may want to edit the translation adjusting the codes. In that case it may be better to check the option "Use old F3 behaviour (copy next code)" in "Settings" > "Edit settings". With this option checked, the F3 will fetch the next tag/code from the source that is not before the caret/cursor in the translation.


Alt+F3 - Copy down next code pairSometimes the codes appear in pairs and you may want to insert them both at once. If a code has a corresponding end tag, press Alt+F3 and both start and end tag will be copied down. For example <Style10> and </Style10> will be copied together.


Ctrl+F3 - Copy down next numberNot only codes, but also long numbers can be copied from source:


Ctrl+Shift+F3 - Copy all next missing consecutive codesThis function will copy all next missing consecutive codes including white spaces between codes: