Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

CBG Konsult & Information AB is a leading provider of language solutions with 55+ years of knowledge, solid expertise, and modern working methods. We aim to:

  • Provide top-rated services and products at the right time and according to agreement
  • Deliver language solutions that exceed customer requirements; feedback and customer satisfaction surveys indicate what we can further improve on
  • Work with suppliers who share our view on quality and deliver high-quality work
  • Be a reliable business partner, employer, or other partner
  • Ensure our employees have the appropriate and necessary training, skills, and experience to achieve our objectives

Every employee strives to:

  • Satisfy customer requirements and other needs from stakeholders, including applicable binding laws and regulations
  • Contribute to continuously improving operations and raising the level of quality of our services and products
  • Live and breathe our core values of being committed, personal, competent, and service-minded

Environmental Policy

At CBG Konsult & Information AB we strive to protect the environment, reduce our environmental impact, and continually improve our environmental work. This is an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and operating methods. As a provider of language and IT solutions, we offer products and services with minimal environmental impact.

Customers and other stakeholders can expect us to:

  • Educate and motivate our employees to perform their tasks in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Encourage our suppliers and partners to adopt the same environmental principles we aim to adhere to
  • As far as possible, purchase products and services from suppliers with implemented environmental policies
  • Aim to reduce our CO2-emissions, e.g.:
    • Promote train travel for business trips
    • Minimize waste by recycling as much as possible
    • Minimize printing
    • Reuse or recycle electronic equipment as much as possible

Every employee strives to:

  • Comply with all applicable binding environmental legislation and regulations, as well as codes of practice
  • Contribute to the continual improvement of our environmental management system by working to meet environmental objectives and achieve sustainable operations
  • Live and breathe our core values of being committed, personal, competent, and service-minded


These policies will be reviewed at least every year and, if necessary, revised.

Jens Åström