Keyboard shortcuts in Transtool

Keyboard shortcuts in Transtool

IntroductionIn some new laptops default assignment to Function keys is increase/decrease desktop brightens, volume, stop/play music etc.

To get normal function key role (e.g F10) you actually have to press [Fn] key and then F key itself.

It is possible to change that behaviour for good (to make F keys working as normally they work), usually by changing BIOS options.


Keyboard Shortcuts

F1 Opens the Translators Knowledge Base help pages
Shift+F1-F10  Insert quick text 1-10  (see Insert quick text)
F2  Pick segment 
Ctrl+F2  Show translator comments dialog 
Alt+F2  Show single comment dialog 
F3  Copy down next code (one code) - see F3 shortcut for more details
Ctrl+F3  Copy down next number  - see F3 shortcut for more details

Copy down next code pair. If a code has a corresponding end tag both start and end tag will be copied down. For example <b> and </b> will be copied together.

See F3 shortcut for more details

Ctrl+Shift+F3 Copy all next missing consecutive codes including white spaces between codes - see F3 shortcut for more details
F4  Find in source 
Ctrl+F4  Find in translation 
Alt+F5  Copy source text to translation, this can be undone with Ctrl+Z; see also Ctrl+Q
Ctrl+F5  Set/unset plain text mode 
F6  Transtool check from here 
Ctrl+F6  Transtool check from next paragraph 
Alt+F6  Unlock/re-lock paragraph 
Ctrl+Alt+F6  Transtool check all paragraphs 
F7  Spell check 
Ctrl+F7  Move focus to search results window 
Alt+F7  Move focus to Word Support (Terminology) window 
F8  Go to previous paragraph 
Ctrl+F8  Find external 
Alt+F8  Show grid (not used) 
F9  Go to paragraph 
F10  Go to next paragraph 
Ctrl+F10  Unlock paragraph and adapt case 
Alt+F10  Go to previous paragraph 
Ctrl+Shift+F10 Swap decimal period and comma
F11 Open the QA-check "Ignore"-menu (if any check message can be ignored). The menu is opened in the same place as if the "Ignore" button was pressed. If a paragraph only has one remaining "not dealt with" stop, F11 performs the same functionality as Ctrl+F11, the QA check jumps to the next error.

Accept all current messages in QA mode. When using this function no feedback message window is open. QA check jumps to the next error.

Ctrl+Shift+F11  Popup accept menu in QA mode 




For validating Machine Translated paragraphs after post-editing.

This shortcut also "Confirms" open paragraphs as reviewed (when this action is required for a particular project).

i.e. F12 or Ctrl+Enter is the shortcut for the "Validate (F12)" / "Confirm (F12)" / "Validate and confirm (F12)" button

The behaviour is customisable via the Settings menu, "Edit settings... (System INI file)", "Move to next unconfirmed/unvalidated paragraph on confirmation/validation".

Ctrl+F12  Mark as internally processed (works only if enabled in Transtool as option of ExportTTCoded function)
Alt+F12  Mark as non-recyclable 
Ctrl+Up  Go to previous open paragraph 
Ctrl+Shift+Up  Focus on previous term in Word Support (Terminology) window (previously Alt+Up)
Ctrl+Down  Go to next open paragraph 
Ctrl+Shift+Down Focus on next term in Word Support (Terminology) window (previously Alt+Down)
Ctrl+Shift+Insert  Insert selected Word Support (Terminology) term (previously Alt+Insert)
Right Shift + Right Ctrl Right-to-Left mode. To go back, just press Left Shift + Left Ctrl.
Left Shift + Left Ctrl Left-to-Right mode. to change it for RTL languages press Right Shift + Right Ctrl
Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar Add a no-break space - &nbsp;
ESC Return focus to the translation window
Ctrl+B  Add current paragraph as bookmark 
Ctrl+Alt+B  Show bookmarks 
Ctrl+Shift+C Mark paragraph as "complete", meaning it is skipped when navigating open paragraphs
Ctrl+D Replace Arabic-Indic digits with Western-Arabic in selected text
Ctrl+Alt+D  Replace Western-Arabic digits with Arabic-Indic in selected text
Ctrl+E Open the feedback dropdown list. If there is only one stop, Ctrl+E opens the feedback form. 
Ctrl+F  Find in source 
Ctrl+G  Go to paragraph 
Ctrl+H  Find and replace 
Ctrl+K Cut the text from the cursor until the end of the paragraph, this can be undone with Ctrl+Z
Ctrl+L Convert text to lowercase
Ctrl+N Add <nb-text> tag. Can be undone (and redone) using Ctrl+Z (and Ctrl+Y)

Remove all <nb-text> and </nb-text> tags from the current paragraph. Can be undone (and redone) using Ctrl+Z (and Ctrl+Y)

Ctrl+P Toggle between all different cases (lowercase/UPPERCASE/Normal case/Mixed Case). If a text is selected then it applied only on the selection, else it is applied to all paragraph.
Ctrl+Q Copy source text to translation, this can be undone with Ctrl+Z; see also Alt+F5
Ctrl+Alt+Q Save check messages for current paragraph to Excel file.
Ctrl+S  Save document 
Ctrl+U Convert text to UPPERCASE
Ctrl+W Remove all codes
Ctrl+Z Undo