Reviewing exact matches

Reviewing exact matches

OverviewWhen the job involves reviewing exact matches, ALL open segments - new, fuzzy matches and exact matches - need to be confirmed. Therefore you will find a "Confirm" or "Validate and confirm" button added between the source and translation panes.

Exact matches that require review are marked for translators by:

  • A magnifying glass icon
  • A button shown between the source and translation panes

They have to be amended (if necessary) and then confirmed by clicking the "Confirm" button.


StatusBefore reviewIn case of an exact match segment, the following screen is shown:

There is a "Confirm" button and the icon at the bottom of the translation pane is a magnifying glass in a purple square.

If there is a new segment, the source text needs to be translated AND confirmed. This is how such a segment looks:

There is a "Confirm" button and the usual icon for "New paragraph" segments (see Paragraph icons).

In case of a segment that has been machine translated, there is one button, "Validate and confirm", and the status icon is the same as in all machine translation segments.

In case of fuzzy match segments, the translation needs to be amended and confirmed.

There is a "Confirm" button and the status icon for "Fuzzy Match" segments (see Paragraph icons).


After reviewWhen the translation is confirmed, the button "Unconfirm" is available to change the confirmed status back to unconfirmed.

Additionally, when the segment is set as complete (Edit→Set as complete or Ctrl+Shift+C), the magnifying glass icon is shown as grey and the little padlock is added.

If any change is made to a confirmed segment, it will automatically change back to unconfirmed.


Job statusThe interface shows the new category in the word count...

  • ... in the status bar:

  • ... in the job status window (View → Job status):


Closing the jobIf there are unconfirmed segments when you close the job, Transtool will show a warning with the number of unconfirmed segments and a button that allows you to list and navigate to them.