Machine Translation

Machine Translation

OverviewMachine Translated paragraphs are indicated for translators by:

  • Icon
  • Status message shown between source and translation windows

They have to be amended (if necessary) and then validated (mandatory) by clicking the "Validate" button.


StatusBefore validation:

After validation:


Keyboard shortcutThe Validate/Unvalidate functionality can also be triggered by a shortcut key. See Keyboard shortcuts in Transtool for details and a full list of other keyboard shortcuts.


Automatic navigation to next paragraphThe behaviour of the button can be customised to Validate AND skip to the next unvalidated paragraph.

This behaviour is changed via the Settings menu:

Click "Edit settings... (System INI file)" and then select the "Move to next...." option:

Click "Apply and close" to activate the new behaviour.


Save job time in TranstoolWhen working in a Transtool file that contains machine translated segments there is a new button in the toolbar. The button's icon is a clock symbol, and its hint is "Add/edit job time".

When clicked, it opens a dialog which lets the user see and enter a time. There are two numerical input fields: one for hours and one for minutes. The former must be zero or positive; the latter is limited to the range 0–59.

If the user closes the document without adding any job time, they get a message in the "Exit" dialog telling them so, with a button that allows them to access the dialog.