Supplier Portal 1.8.0 - Supplier's Release notes

Supplier Portal 1.8.0 - Supplier's Release notes

HighlightsThis version includes the following features and changes:

  • Segment number present next to the TU
  • Dashboard's columns can be configured
  • History of changes appearance changes:
    • The erased text will appear in red and strikethrough
    • The word EMPTY (when there was no translation in preceding step) has been removed
  • Help menu
  • Improvements to QA checks - less warning false positives
  • Translation language pairs shown:
    • Above translation editor
    • As a browser tab name (it also includes task type)
  • Hints dropdown shortcut change to Alt+Up/Down (formerly Ctrl+Up/Down)
  • Other performance improvement fixes and refactoring
  • Smaller bug fixes in the translator editor and dashboard

Release detailed summarySegment number present next TU

  • This should improve support communication

Dashboard's columns can be configured

  • A user can now select the columns which she would like to see
  • The order of the selected columns can be rearranged at will

Help menu

  • The Help menu can be accessed by clicking "?" icon from 2 levels (they both take a user to a slightly different content tailored to the section relevance):

    • Main menu level - where modules are selected

    • Translation editor level


Translation language pairs shown above translation editor and as a browser tab name

  • This will improve task management


For more detailed information see Supplier Portal User Guides.