Supplier Portal - Invoicing - User Guide

Supplier Portal - Invoicing - User Guide


  • Scope: Invoicing module in the Supplier Portal
  • Intended Audience: CBG Suppliers
  • Report errors to: CBG Support Center


Table of Contents

IntroductionThe CBG Supplier Portal allows suppliers to easily create accurate invoice specifications and send their invoices to CBG.

Within the Supplier Portal there is also a translation module. This guide focuses on the invoicing module.


Invoicing process in briefIn brief, the process is:

  1. Login to the Supplier Portal
  2. Choose the Supplier Orders for which you wish to invoice CBG
  3. Create your invoice using your usual method, including only minimum details (see below)
  4. Upload your invoice file and enter your invoice number
  5. Submit your invoice
  6. You will receive email confirmation of the successful submission

Until you have clicked "Submit", it is possible to move back and forth in the process, using the buttons in the bottom-right corner of the screen, in order to review and/or change details.


Information for new usersWhen you first are asked to use the Supplier Portal website, there's a one-off process to set your password and activate your account.

All details can be found in the following pages:


Choosing between various company credentials (codes) Provided you've got more than one code/company credentials, the system allows you to freely choose between them to invoice your SOs or to review some old invoices, which were created for a company you no longer work for.


Site navigationThe Supplier Portal consists of various modules, such as Invoicing and Translation, among others. You can see which module you are currently using in the dropdown menu at the top of the page:


Invoicing moduleOnce you are granted access to a particular module, it will appear on a drop-down menu from which it can be selected.

Just below, you will find three sections of the Invoicing module:

  • CREATE: where you can send CBG a new invoice
  • PENDING: where you can see the invoices you have submitted to CBG but that have not yet been processed
  • PROCESSED: where you can check on the status and details of invoices CBG has processed


User details and supportIn the top-right corner, you will find a toolbar showing the name of the currently logged-in user.

In case you need support, log a call by clicking the toolbar and choosing "Log a support request" (note: you can do it even before you log in to the Supplier Portal):


Invoice creation workspace

In the CREATE section, the main part of the screen is occupied by the invoice creation workspace. This is the place where you define and upload your invoice.

The workflow is visible at all times with the title of the current step displayed in dark blue, compared to the grey titles of the other 3 steps.

Each step has a brief explanation at the top of the workspace, with a help icon that provides further details as the mouse hovers over it.

See below for details of each step.


Sum display and navigation buttons

Also in the CREATE section, the sum and currency of the currently selected Supplier Orders is always visible, along with the navigation buttons below.

The "Next" button is enabled for each step as you provide the required information.


Detailed invoicing instructions1. Select the Supplier OrdersWhen you have logged in, you will be directed to the "Select Orders" screen. This is where you select the Supplier Orders you want to include on your invoice.

First choose to whom you want to issue the invoice - CBG Sweden, CBG Spain, etc.

As you select the Requester, the list of Supplier Orders will be filtered to show just the ones for the chosen Requester. Note that only the Requesters for which you have pending Supplier Orders will be listed.

As you select Supplier Orders, the sum on the right-hand side will adjust to reflect the total of the selected Supplier Orders.

You can click anywhere (except the Details column) on a Supplier Order to select it. Clicking again will deselect it.

You may click on the "eye" icon in the Details column:

A new pane will appear showing you the deliverables, quantities, unit prices, amounts and total of the Supplier Orders.

Post Editing jobs are sent with all Machine Translation (MT) word count shown in the 0% deliverable. Once you deliver, we process the Post Editing (PE) and distribute the MT words amongst the PE deliverables according to the amount of changes made. The results are then visible in the Supplier Order on the Supplier Portal where you can see the total amount for the project.

You can also add (or remove) the Supplier Order to the invoice in this view.

At the top of the left-hand column you have a "Select all" option:

Note that Supplier Orders appear on the Orders ready to be invoiced list once the CBG Project Administrator has processed the delivered job. This process will be completed as soon as possible and no later than within seven (7) days. If, after seven days from stated delivery date, the Supplier Order is not visible on that list, please contact CBG HR at

When you have selected all of the Supplier Orders that you wish to invoice, click "Next".


2. CBG Invoicing Reference numberIn the second step you will see a CBG Invoicing Reference number.

The format is SI-nnnnn. This is the number that you need to include in your invoice.

If you would like to download a PDF file containing the full details of the selected Supplier Orders, click the "Details" button.


3. Create your invoiceAt this point, you should switch to whatever software/system you use to create your invoices.

The invoice you create only needs to include the following details:

  • CBG Invoicing Reference number - e.g. SI-999999
  • The total amount
  • The currency
  • The usual minimum legal requirements for an invoice (address, bank details, etc.)

As you are using the Supplier Portal, there is no longer any need to include the Supplier Order numbers, the deliverables, the quantities, unit prices and individual amounts.


4. Input your invoice numberNow return to the "Upload Invoice" screen on the CBG Supplier Portal.

Enter your invoice number in the "Your Invoice Number" field.


5. Upload your invoiceUpload the invoice file you just created by clicking the "UPLOAD FILE" button and selecting the file.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the invoice file into the Supplier Portal window to upload it.

After a successful upload, the name of the file will be displayed in the field:

The button text also changes from "UPLOAD FILE" to "REPLACE".

The only supported file type is:

  • PDF Adobe Acrobat document (the PDF file REQUIRES a .pdf suffix - for example JSmithMarch2020Invoice.pdf)

Note, you can only upload one file per invoice. If you upload a second file it will replace the existing one.

When you have entered your invoice number and uploaded a file, the "Next" button will be enabled. Click it to proceed to the Review step.


6. ReviewAt this step you can conduct a review of all details before you submit your invoice.

You can:

  • Check your invoice number is correct
  • Check the name of the uploaded file
  • Review the list of selected Supplier Orders and, using the Details icon, their details
  • Return to the previous steps to correct any mistakes
  • When you are satisfied that the provided data is correct, click "Submit" to submit your invoice to CBG.


7. SubmissionWhen you click "Submit" the system will send your invoice to CBG.

You will see a message confirming successful submission.

You will also receive an e-mail confirmation.

You can click the "CREATE NEW" button to begin the process again to create another invoice.


Ongoing ordersYou can review ongoing orders (that aren't quite ready to be invoiced yet) by clicking the "Click to see your ongoing orders." link:

This is useful to put your mind at rest if you're wondering why you can't see an order you have delivered in the Create tab.

The list that is shown contains all of your Supplier Orders that are:

  • Ongoing, or
  • Pending review by CBG, or
  • Pending CBG to update with the correct amount of hours (e.g. for Revision tasks)


Pending sectionIf you wish to see invoices that you have submitted, but CBG yet haven't processed, click the "PENDING" tab at the top-left of the screen.

Here you can check the following details:

  • Date submitted
  • Your invoice number
  • CBG Invoicing Reference number, e.g. SI-55993
  • Submitted documents

By clicking on the sign, you will see a list of all Supplier Orders included in this particular invoice.


You can also see contextual help by hovering your mouse over the help icon.


Processed sectionIf you wish to review invoices that CBG have processed, click the "PROCESSED" tab at the top-left of the screen.

First choose the Requester - CBG Sweden, CBG Spain, etc. or All.

As you select the Requester, the list of Processed Invoices will be filtered to show just the ones for the chosen Requester.

Here you can see all of the invoices that you have submitted to CBG, including the following details:

  • Date submitted
  • Your invoice number
  • CBG Invoicing Reference number, e.g. SI-55993
  • Status - options are:
    • Approved by CBG
    • Withdrawn
  • Submitted documents
  • Approved specifications

By clicking on the sign, you will see a list of all Supplier Orders included in this Supplier Invoice.

You can also see contextual help by hovering your mouse over the help icon.


Notification bannersHave you noticed a notification banner like the ones below?

This is a communication system CBG uses to pass important information to Suppliers. These notification banners can be divided into two major categories:

1) Service Window notification banner informing about the upcoming service window. Service windows always involve the system being down for a specific period of time.

2) Warning Message notification banner informing about a specific issue that is important for the Suppliers to see.


Experiencing a problem with the Supplier Portal?If you experience any problems with the Supplier Portal, please contact CBG Support Center for the most efficient support. Click on "Log a support request" link in the "hamburger" icon (3 horizontal lines) in the top-right corner of the page.

If you are unable to use Service Desk for whatever reason, please contact your project manager.

Please include the CBG Invoicing Reference number (SI number) - if you have one - in your correspondence.