How to roll-back to a previous version of a translation job

How to roll-back to a previous version of a translation job


  • Scope: Restoring a previous version of a translation job
  • Intended audience: External translators



  • Transtool external version already installed.
  • Version of Transtool later 2013-07-13
  • Access to Internet enabled

BackupsA backup is automatically made every time a Transtool document is opened.

A manual backup can be made by clicking File | Make backup.

There is also a backup made when a little-used function is run, that only appears when Burmese is the target language, called "Convert Burmese text between Unicode and the Zawgyi One font".

When closing the document, a second backup is made, and the .tra file is then resaved with size optimisation.


Backup filesThe backup files are stored and arranged by versions under a folder named "cbgttbu", which is located in the path where the Transtool files are stored (the ones with extension .org and .tra). The naming convention for backup files is:


Where FileName is the exact name of the Transtool document, and number is an integer number where the highest value represents the latest version (e.g. PP-12345_ES.1)


Continuous savingWhile editing the document, changes to the translation and spellcheck status of a paragraph are continuously saved to the .tra file as the focus changes to the next paragraph.


Restoring a backupTo restore a previous version of a translation job, follow these instructions:

  1. Close the Transtool job you want to restore and rename the Transtool file with extension ".tra" (e.g. from MyFileName.tra to MyFileName.tra.bak)
  2. Browse to the folder "cbgttbu", this is located in the same path where the Transtool files (the ones with extension .org and .tra) are stored
  3. Choose the file version to restore, they are arranged by a version number as file extension (e.g. MyFileName.3)
  4. Copy the desired backup file to the folder where the Transtool document files are stored, then rename that file changing the extension from the version number to ".tra" (e.g. from MyFileName.3 to MyFileName.tra)
  5. Open the Transtool job as usual – you should see the version you have just restored