Fuzzy Matches in Transtool

Fuzzy Matches in Transtool

IntroductionThere are many reasons why a paragraph can be open for editing. This page lists them.


Fuzzy match from the Translation Memory (TM)A fuzzy match from the TM where the content matches at least 75% and at most 99%.


Similar to a paragraph in the same projectThe paragraph is a fuzzy match of another paragraph in the same project.


Length limitationsA length limitation exists on the paragraph and the matched text from the TM is too long.


Terminology not presentWhen the paragraph contains a term that is in the terminology list (word support), and the matched text from the TM does not include the translation of the term.


Ambiguous wordsThe paragraph contains ambiguous terms that need to be checked in the current context.


Different language variantsThe project was matched against a TM that contains a different variant of the target language, and so regional differences may exist.


100% matches need reviewingMatching was done with settings to only allow fuzzy matches. Even a 100% match will be treated as fuzzy. This is done when CBG wants the translator to check 100% matches for some reason.

Note: depending on exactly how this was done at CBG, either the icon will be the usual fuzzy "scissors" icon, or the icon will be a magnifying glass with a Confirm button in between the source and translation panes.


Multiple matches to choose fromThe match result comes from a longer paragraph in the TM and you need to select the correct part.

Note that the icon in this case is the same as for an unmatched paragraph - i.e. an empty yellow square - but the word count for the paragraph is still counted as fuzzy.

When you press button "Pick translation" or F2, you can see the whole text or each part separately.

When "all" is picked, the whole text is shown

When "1" is picked, just the first sentence is shown.

When "2" is picked, just the second sentence is shown.

You need to pick the right translation (1, 2 or "all", and confirm with OK button) or you can also cancel the pop-up and type your own version.