Set a paragraph as complete

Set a paragraph as complete


  • Scope: changing the status of a paragraph to "complete"
  • Intended audience: External translators


RequirementsVersion of Transtool later than 2017-02-13


InstructionsIt is possible for users to set a paragraph as "complete". The idea is to exclude very simple paragraphs from the final review that a translator usually performs before delivery.

Ctrl+Shift+C activates/deactivates this status. The option is also available in the Edit menu as "Set as complete".

The same shortcut/menu item removes the "complete" status.

There is a menu item "Remove 'complete' status from all paragraphs". It asks the user to confirm before proceeding.

Any paragraph can be set as complete, except locked and IGNR paragraphs. This includes unlocked paragraphs.

A paragraph that is "complete" differs from other paragraphs in these ways:

  1. When translators use Ctrl+Up/Down to scroll through the document, "complete" paragraphs are skipped.
  2. The icon shown below the translation window is slightly different: it is greyscale and has a small padlock.

Locked paragraphs cannot be in "complete" state. If a paragraph is unlocked, set to complete, and then re-locked, it is no longer "complete".