Images and HTML reference

Images and HTML reference

ImagesView > Images and HTML function opens an image/HTML viewer. If the current paragraph has any reference image or HTML file that could provide some extra help to the translator, this image or HTML file will be displayed in this image viewer. When running as translator, the "Images and HTML" window will open automatically on paragraphs with images, and close on those without. (This does not affect CBG in-house users.) If the new menu option "View" > "Automatically show images and HTML" is unchecked, the behaviour in point 1 will no longer apply. Also if the QA check is opened the images window automatically closes. Changing paragraphs in QA check doesn't automatically open it. The setting is not remembered between Transtool sessions. (It does not affect CBG in-house users.) If an image is not found, a message is shown.

The information about the image/s to be displayed is forwarded to Transtool by Tb30 using the field "PICT" and it consists of the relative path to the image or HTML file/s to be shown.


ConsiderationsIn order to be displayed, the image and HTML files must be placed inside one of these folders:

  1. Base path (which is the path to the ORG file)
  2. Base\RefFiles\hlpimage\
  3. Base\RefFiles\images\