Word Support

Word Support

IntroductionThe Word Support pane in Transtool shows possible terminology to be used in the translation.

Terms may be of the following types:

  • "Forced" terms are shown in bold and the left column shows an "F" preceded by an asterisk.
  • "Priority" terms are shown in bold and the left column shows a "P".
  • "Blocked" terms are shown in red and a flashing warning will appear in the translation pane if they are used. The left column shows a "B".

Terms may behave differently:

  • Terms from the "My Terminology" list are shown in italics and the left column shows an "M".
  • Terms matched by "MatchTerminologyConsistency" will display "C" in the left column.

There is also a mouseover tooltip/hint for the left column explaining the type of ws displayed.


The "More info" field

If there is more info about the WS terms it will be shown in the rightmost column. It may contain reference for the original or for the translation term.

Hovering over the text displays a tool-tip in case the text didn't fit in the table.


Word support change suggestionsThis feature is available in both Transtool and the CBG Proofreading Tool.

If the document was exported with WS suggestions enabled the user can right-click in the WS to get a context menu with four options:

  • View suggestions (disabled if there are no suggestions yet)
  • Suggest new term
  • Suggest modification (disabled if no WS term is selected)
  • Suggest removal (disabled if no WS term is selected)

All options open the same dialog with slight differences:

  • At the top is a list of suggestions. Right-clicking on a suggestion gives the user the option to "undo" it. Choosing this will remove the suggestion immediately.
  • If one of the "Suggest" items was selected, a term pane is shown with source and translation text boxes.
    • "Suggest new term" - text boxes are empty
    • "Suggest modification" - text boxes are filled in with the selected term
    • "Suggest removal" - text boxes are filled in with the selected term, and read-only
  • At the bottom are two buttons to close the interface
    • The first button changes caption depending on the action it performs.
    • Cancel closes without suggesting anything. Note that "undo" isn't cancelled.

Suggestions are document-wide, but TT and PRT keep track of in which paragraph the suggestion was made. If there are any WS suggestions in the document, then "Comments" > "Export corrections/comments" will add a column for WS suggestions. A suggestion is exported for the paragraph where it was made (even though it is document-wide). All paragraphs with WS suggestions are included in the export.