Terminology consistency tool

Terminology consistency tool


The Terminology consistency tool is found under "Tools" > "Terminology consistency". When selecting Terminology consistency a new window opens where terms can be listed and mismatches in the current transtool file can be checked.


Editing the list

  • Terms can be added one by one to the list by right-clicking and choosing "Insert row".
  • Terms can also be added by going to the menu "Functions" > "Collect all words ...". This will add all words from the source text (except from IGNR paragraphs), but no translations.
  • Terms can be removed by right-clicking and choosing "Delete row". Several rows can be selected (by holding down the Shift key) and deleted at a time.
  • Terms can be merged by right-clicking and choosing "Merge rows". This is useful when collecting words with the same root, e.g. "child" and "children"

There are four columns of term data:

  • Original – source term(s)
  • Ignore – source term exception(s)
  • Translation – translation(s)
  • Ignore – translation exception(s)

Double-click on a cell to change its content.

Cells may contains multiple terms separated by a line-break.


Checking Consistency

When a terminology list has been created, go to menu "Functions" > "Find all mismatches (exclusive)". It will fill in the last columns:

  • "#Orig": the number of paragraphs where the source term exists but not the translation term.
  • "#Tran": the number of paragraphs where the target translation exists, but not the source term.
  • "#Total": the sum of the above two numbers.

When checking the consistency IGNR paragraphs are not checked.

Double-click on one of the numbers to list all the paragraphs in the reference window - "Find results" tab. You can use this result to correct the terminology, or to make the terminology list better.


Load/Save terminology listIn the Terminology consistency window go to "File" > "Open terminology file", "Save as", or "Save". The default format is an XML format. It is also possible to save as a Transtool document (org and tra).