How to add/change/delete words in 'My terminology'

How to add/change/delete words in 'My terminology'


  • Scope: use My Terminology
  • Intended audience: External translators


  • Transtool external version already installed.
  • Version of Transtool 2.73 or later



  1. In Transtool, click Tools → My terminology or use the shortcut Ctrl + T:

  2. Click File → New... or Open... to create or open a .pws file:

    Note: by default it is not possible to add words to "My terminology" unless a file is previously created or loaded.

  3. Type in the source and target words.

  4. Click Add new word.

    It is also possible to add new words to My Terminology directly from the Source/Target, as follows: Select the word(s) you would like to add to My Terminology (if both Source and Target are selected they will both be added, otherwise only the selected term) → right click → Add to My terminology.

  5. To change a word: Select the word → add your changes to Source and Target → click Change word.

  6. To delete a word: Select the word → click Delete word.

    Additionally, My Terminology will save a list of previously used files in Tools → Terminology files: