Spellcheck - External spellcheck confirmation

Spellcheck - External spellcheck confirmation

SpellcheckingPlease try the built-in spellcheck functions in Transtool, see The spellcheck function. If there is no dictionary available for your language, the spelling can be checked externally. Go to the menu “File” > “Export as…” and choose "Export Translation As Text”. Locked (old) paragraphs, ignored paragraphs, and duplicates can be excluded from the check.

The exported TX file should be checked in an external software (e.g. MS Word). If a mistake needs to be corrected, please go to the respective Transtool paragraph and correct it directly. There is no possibility to import the text file back to Transtool.


The spellcheck confirmationThere is now a checkbox labelled "I have run external spellcheck" when the user tries to exit a Transtool without performing a spellcheck.

The checkbox appears when a spellcheck has not been performed, if spellcheck has only been run on a part of the document or if some paragraphs were changed after the spellcheck was done.

This checkbox is only available to translators.

There is also an "external spellcheck" setting available in the "Spellcheck" menu only for translators.

There is now an "Undo" button that is used to revert the last change

The "Undo last change" button is disabled until a change is made. When a change has been made (by clicking the "Change" button) the button is enabled.

Clicking the "Undo last change" button will move Transtool back to the paragraph where the last change was made, and revert the text to what it was before the change. It will also disable the button (until a new change has been made).

Choosing "Add word" or "Ignore" does not count as changing the paragraph. This means the same change can be undone as before.

After the last change has been made and the check reaches the end of the document, the spellcheck dialog does not reopen. For this reason, this change unfortunately cannot be undone in this way. However, in most cases, Transtool will still be displaying this paragraph, so the user can use Ctrl+Z to undo it.