How to install the spellchecker

How to install the spellchecker


  • Scope: Installing the spell checker for a desired language
  • Intended audience: External translators



  • Transtool external version already installed.
  • Version of Transtool later 2013-07-13
  • Access to Internet enabled


InstructionsInstalling Hunspell spellcheckerTranstool application provides a spellchecker function based on dictionaries arranged by languages. For using that function, first you need to install the right dictionary according to the translation language you are handling. During the installation process, the dictionaries will automatically be downloaded from our download site.

For installing the dictionaries for the spellchecker function do the following:

  1. From the "Spellcheck" menu, select "Spellcheck settings..."

  2. In the just arisen window, select "Download more dictionaries". Note that if you have already installed the dictionary for the language being translated, this would be suggested or can be selected from the drop-down list.

  3. The application will suggest the correct dictionary based on the translation language of the Transtool file
    (e.g. Swedish if the translation language target is Swedish (SV-se), but you are also able to install more dictionaries at a time just selecting them from the list of available languages.

  4. Once you have selected the desired language, press "Install" to start downloading and installing it.


  5. After installing the dictionary, it will be available in the list of installed dictionaries and will be ready to be used.

You can have many dictionaries installed, and the correct one should be selected by default.

Then, the check "Always use the xx-XX dictionary with XX Transtool files" can be used for some special cases where Transtool cannot know for sure that this dictionary is the right one. For example, if you are translating into Austrian German, and you want to use the de-DE dictionary, but Transtool tries to use de-AT (which might not exist).

You need access to Internet to install new dictionaries.


Installing Microsoft Office spellcheckerMicrosoft Office proofing tools have to be installed (from Microsoft) for the default language and the language you are spellchecking. In order for the Microsoft Office spellchecker to work in Transtool the proofing tools for the system default language have to be installed. In other words if the default language of the PC is set to English and the proofing tools for English are not installed it is not possible to spellcheck other languages either. Even if the proofing tools for the other languages are installed. This can be fixed by installing the proofing tools for the default language or by changing the default language to the language you are trying to spellcheck.