QA checks - Feedback about 100% match paragraph

QA checks - Feedback about 100% match paragraph

In the Transtool check window, in the "Current message" tab, there is a toolbar button for giving feedback. Clicking this button will to the following:

  • If there are no messages, nothing will happen.
  • If there is one message, it will open the feedback dialog (see below)
  • If there are more than one message, it will open a popup menu with each message listed. Clicking an item in the menu will open the feedback dialog.

Note that there are now check IDs associated with each check, so that they can be referenced where there are multiple checks with the same name.

The feedback dialog displays the message at the top, together with the previous feedback messages.

This is followed by two buttons, "Recent messages" and "Standard messages". They both open popup menus with either the ten last messages the translator used, or a predefined list of "standard" messages. Currently the only standard message is "There are no changes in the source". This list can of course be changed (by IT).

Below is the actual text box for feedback, and then the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons. The cursor is automatically placed in the text box. Pressing Enter will save the feedback, and pressing ESC will cancel.

When a check has feedback, it is displayed together with the check message in that specific paragraph. Please refer to the screenshots for examples of how this might look.