Transtool system requirements

Transtool system requirements


  • Scope: System requirements for installing and using Transtool
  • Intended audience: External translators


Hardware requirements512 MB RAM, processor with 1 GHz or more.


System requirementsTranstool requires Windows operating system, version 2000 or later.

Some users have reported that Transtool works on Windows emulators on Linux/iOS. You can find some help with this at How to use Transtool on Mac with WineBottler. However, CBG does not provide any further support for such environments.

It is not required to have administrative privileges when installing, upgrading or executing TTw10. For this to work, you should install the program into a folder that you have full rights to. For example "C:\Users\<yourname>\Documents" or the desktop "C:\Users\<yourname>\Desktop".

However, if TTw10 is installed into a privileged folder, we recommend that you have privileged access to this folder when running the program.