Installation instructions

Installation instructions


  • Scope: Installing Transtool for the first time
  • Intended audience: External translators

Follow these instructions if you are installing Transtool for the first time on a computer. For a manual upgrade of an existing install see How to manually update Transtool.


DownloadPlease download the newest version of Transtool from

The username and password are provided in the PDF file "Transtool_getstarted.pdf" which was sent to you via e-mail.


Setup filesThe files to be downloaded are:

  • Transtool TTw10.exe
  • Default INI file


InstallationCreate a folder in a place you have full rights to ("C:\Users\<yourname>\Documents") on your hard disk. Save the above-mentioned files in this folder.

  1. Open the zip file and extract the ttw10.exe file into the new folder.
  2. Open the zip file and extract the ttw10.ini into the same folder.
  3. Start the program by double clicking on ttw10.exe. In the menu Help, more information about the program can be found.

The first time you use the program, the files “ttw.fls” (list of recently opened files) and “system.ini” (saved settings from the program) will automatically be created in this folder.


Notes on user privilegesDepending on the version and configuration of your Windows operating system, you may need to have administrative privileges, or to escalate your privileges to use the program properly. In order to ensure TTw10 is started in privileged mode, right-click on ttw10.exe and click “Run as administrator” from the context menu.


Known problems with antivirus softwareSome antivirus software like Avast and Norton tend to block ttw10.exe application from time to time.

This is a known issue. Adding ttw10.exe to white-list and to firewall exceptions usually solves problem.

Example how to do it for Norton:

More information about Norton Reputation problem: