How to use Transtool on Mac with WineBottler

How to use Transtool on Mac with WineBottler


  • Scope: Using Transtool on Mac OS
  • Intended audience: External translators





  1. Download WineBottler from

  2. Open WineBottler's .dmg file (e.g. WineBottlerCombo_1.6.1.dmg).

    Figure 2.1: WineBottler screen after opening the .dmg file

  3. Download and install latest version of Transtool (two files from in a new folder.

    Figure 3.1: Install the two Transtool files in a new folder

  4. Open Transtool .exe file (with the Wine option) and then choose "Run directly in" option (Wine should appear in the path as in Figure 3).

    Figure 4.1: Open Transtool .exe file with Wine

  5. The 'Transtool Help' menu may initially display, close the 'Help' window to display the actual Transtool application window

  6. Drag and drop .org Transtool file to the Transtool window.

    Figure 6.1: Transtool window on Mac

Note: If WineBottler is ejected (see below), you need to reopen the .dmg file in order to work with Transtool files.