How to autoupdate Transtool

How to autoupdate Transtool


  • Scope: Auto updating Transtool External Version
  • Intended audience: External translators



  • Transtool external version already installed.
  • Version of Transtool later 2013-07-13
  • Access to Internet enabled



As of 2013-07-11 the program can update itself when there is a new version available. Note that this change will of course only affect translators that have installed 2013-07-11 version (or later), so it will take some time before all translators use the auto-updater.

Transtool will look online daily to see if there is a new version available. If there is, the user will be given the option of downloading and installing the new version, or to wait – either until next time, two more weeks, or indefinitely. Transtool will also ask to do a version check if there is a block in the ORG file (because it won't otherwise be able to open the file).

You can choose the option to download and install Transtool now or to postpone the installation to the next time Transtool is executed, In two weeks or to disable this feature. See the screenshot as reference.

When updating Transtool is in process, the new version will be downloaded first and then a confirmation for installing will be prompted:

Once accepted, the new version of Transtool will be launched.

In case the autoupdate feature is disabled or you want to search manually for a new version, you can go to the Help menu and select "Check for new version"