INI Files

INI Files


QA ChecksQuality Assurance (QA) Checks can be run in Transtool either by translators before returning the completed translation, or by production on receipt of the translation, in order to check the quality of the translation. There are dozens of different checks that can be run and many of them have options to adapt them to a specific job or production group.

The list of enabled checks for a job can be held in a job-specific INI file, or translators can also run the standard checks by downloading the standard INI file from the CBG portal.

The INI file is selected in "Settings"-"Open custom ini file" and a new one can be created with "Settings"-"Create ini file..."


Built-in Transtool (QA) check INI editor
The QA-checks list can be modified on the fly using the "Check" -> "Check Settings..." menu option.

The built-in Transtool check editor will open and all Transtool checks are listed here. Those that are not in the INI file are seen as disabled (unchecked box).

Transtool checks can be enabled or disabled with the checkbox.

There are several options in the right-click context menu:

  • Parameters can be changed by selecting ”Edit”, or by double-clicking on the check - only works for checks with parameters
  • Checks can be cloned by selecting ”Clone/create new” - only works for cloneable checks
  • Checks can be removed by selecting ”Delete” - only works for cloneable checks, and does not work on the last copy of that check