OverviewPressing Ctrl+F2 allows user to add comment to paragraph. It works for both external and internal users.


J2450If J2450 comments are enabled, adding comments in Transtool will also allow the user to set a J2450 category and severity. The J2450 category and severity can not be saved unless a comment is also written.


Comment in paragraph iconThere is now a notification in the Transtool reference window when a paragraph has comments (as with images).


Single CommentsIt is now possible to add a special kind of comments to paragraphs. These comments are called "single comments". They are included in the output, which is why they are special.

When Transtool sees that a paragraph has singlecomments enabled, it displays an "Add comment" button. Next to the button is the current comment (if there is any). Clicking the button or pressing Alt+F2 opens the "single comment" dialog. You can write anything you want here, Unicode, tags, line-breaks. Click "OK" or Ctrl+Enter to save the comment. Click "Cancel" or Escape to discard the changes.


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