Inserting a special character in the Translation editor

Inserting a special character in the Translation editor


  • Scope: Describes how to insert special characters in the TANGO Supplier Portal Translation editor
  • Intended Audience: Any Supplier Portal user
  • Report errors to: CBG Support Center


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IntroductionWe now have various ways to insert special characters into the translation in the Translation module in Supplier Portal.

Here are various possible methods in escalating order of complexity.

Note that for method #2 you need to know the number for the character in question.


Method 1 - Keyboard shortcutCBG has created shortcuts for some special characters, and will add more as and when they become necessary.

For example, use the following key combination to insert a non-breaking space:


See Keyboard Shortcuts in Translation module for all keyboard shortcuts.


Method 2 - NumpadIf you have a numpad on your keyboard, you can use the Windows Alt+number method.

For example, use the following combination to insert a Euro (€) sign: Alt+0128.


Method 3 - CharmapIf you have no numpad...

  1. Click the Windows icon and type "charmap" and open the Character Map application

  2. Find the character you need (you can use the "Search for" field if you know the name of it):

    Note that if you can see the Keystroke Alt+number shortcut in the bottom right (not all characters show this), then this number can be used in method 2!

  3. Click the Select button - the Copy button should become enabled

  4. Click the Copy button

  5. Paste into Supplier Portal using Ctrl+V


Method 4 - Unicode Table

This website is a very user-friendly way of finding pretty much any character and copying it (and finding the Alt-number shortcut if one exists; then you can use method 2).

For example, for the Euro sign, you can search as follows and click on the first result:

This would lead you to this page:

And there you can copy the symbol (and see the Alt-number shortcut if one exists for the character):

Click the Copy button and then paste into Supplier Portal using Ctrl+V.


Nothing works?If you still have trouble, please contact CBG Support Center for further assistance.