Supplier Portal 1.9.2 - Supplier's Release notes

Supplier Portal 1.9.2 - Supplier's Release notes


  • Release date: 01 Mar 2023 
  • Version: Supplier Portal 1.9.2

Release detailsCtrl+Enter shortcut fixIn some circumstances the Ctrl+Enter shortcut to mark TUs as Done would fail. This has been fixed.


TerminologyBlocked and TerminologyForced checks are warningsThese two checks were triggering Errors. This was preventing hand-in.

They now trigger warnings instead meaning hand-in can proceed.


Hand-in warning list collapsing fixIn the hand-in form, QA Check warnings are listed as clickable links which take the user to the TU with the warning. Unfortunately, in the 1.9.0 release a bug was introduced where this list would collapse each time an item in it was clicked.

This has been fixed.


Unchanged Fuzzy check implementedAn "Unchanged Fuzzy" QA Check has been implemented. It will show a warning if the target segment content is the same as one of the fuzzy match items. Tags are ignored in the comparison.

This is an important quality check.