Supplier Portal 1.7.4 - Supplier's release notes

Supplier Portal 1.7.4 - Supplier's release notes

IntroductionVersion 1.7.4 of CBG's Supplier Portal was released on 12 Apr 2022.

Below you will find a summary of the most important and/or relevant changes.

We're aware of a lot more existing requests for improvements, in particular more keyboard shortcuts, and we will implement them as soon as we can. Please bear with us.


Included changesImprovements

  • The hints dropdown has been revamped to make it more useful and usable
  • It's important to note that this dropdown is intended to intelligently assist with the translation task - it is not a complete reference for all relevant information for the segment; that can be found in the toolbox on the right-hand side
  • The height is now dynamic, with a maximum height at which a scrollbar will appear
  • The Summary tab contains 3 maximum each of TM matches, terminology matches, and fuzzy duplicates, and also all spellcheck suggestions
  • The content of the dropdown depends on the current content of the target segment and the position of the cursor
  • Keyboard controls:
    • Ctrl + Down is used to focus on the dropdown
    • Ctrl + Up is used to focus back on the target segment
    • Up and Down arrows navigate the items in the dropdown
    • Enter inserts items into the target segment
    • Left and Right arrows switch tab in the dropdown from Summary, to TM Matches, to Terminology, to Fuzzy Duplicates
  • When inserting an item, if the target segment already contains part of the item, the system will try to insert the rest of the item intelligently instead of duplicating part of it
    • E.g. for a term "steering wheel", if the target already contains "steering", the system will only insert "wheel" after it instead of "steering wheel"
  • Terminology can now be inserted from the hints dropdown and the toolbox with a single click
  • The "double word" check now triggers warnings instead of errors, which means hand-in is possible without resolving them
  • Automatic email notifications are now sent for new Revision and Correction tasks
  • The amount of information in the email notifications has been increased



  • The terminology feature was adding single-letter terms and "type" in many segments where it shouldn't - this is has been improved, although we have more improvements to make
  • Some performance improvements have been implemented; when loading tasks, validating them, and handing them in
  • If no dictionary is available for a language, spellcheck should not bother the user anymore
  • Occasionally incorrect prices were being used in the Supplier Orders - this has been fixed, including all previous incorrect orders


Reporting problems/suggestionsIn these early days of the new system, your feedback is invaluable.

If you:

  • discover any problems with the translation module, either related to the items above, or new ones
  • have any suggestions for further improvements

Please don't hesitate to create a ticket in CBG's Service Desk at:

and we will do our best to help.

Please include as much detail as you can regarding the problem/suggestion, including links, screenshots, and any relevant details about your working environment (operating system, browser version, etc.).