Supplier Portal 1.12.0 - Supplier's Release notes

Supplier Portal 1.12.0 - Supplier's Release notes


  • Release date: 08 Nov 2023
  • Version: Supplier Portal 1.12.0


Release detailsDashboard - Add quick-access tabs for statuses Reassigned, Expired and CancelledNew quick-access tabs were added in the Translation Dashboard, for statuses that were missing as a tab.


Dashboard - Add one decimal to the Task progress percentage visualizationTask progress percentage will include one decimal place. Sometimes 1% is quite a large chunk and the change cannot come soon enough, so especially for big jobs these decimals will be of help.


Task Editor - Show Fuzzy differences in source segmentThere is a new feature "show diff" in the Task Editor that shows (marks up), in the source segment, the changes needed in order to get from a match item's source to the new source. Previously, these mark-ups were only visible when hovering over the match item in the TM Matches toolbox, or when hovering over the match item in the Hints dropdown.


Mark-ups are visible for the current TU as the user navigates, and are turned off for the rest of TUs.The mark-up can be hidden by clicking on the "hide diff" button. Even if the user hides the mark-up on the current TU, the mark-up will be shown again when they navigate to another TU.

The mark-up feature supports tags, assuming that tags with the same visual name are the same.

If there are multiple fuzzy-match items, the system will add mark-ups according to the following scenarios:

  • only one fuzzy-match item that is prefilled → add the mark-up
  • only one fuzzy-match item that is not prefilled → add the mark-up
  • multiple fuzzy-match items, where the best is prefilled → add the mark-up
  • multiple fuzzy-match items, where none of them are prefilled → do not add the mark-up. If the user clicks one of them (to insert it), the source segment will have the mark-up added based on the clicked match item.

If the user deletes all target segment content:

  • if there is only one fuzzy-match item, the mark-up remains in place
  • if there are multiple fuzzy-match items, the mark-up is removed from the source segment, and it will be re-added when the user clicks a match item

If the TU is locked, no mark-up will be shown.


Task Editor - Show full comment by defaultItems under the "Comments" section will be now fully displayed by default. Before the changes, the user had to click on them in order to fully read them and this was not very efficient.


Other improvements

  • Performance was improved.
  • Added tools to help diagnose poor performance.
  • Improved the Spellchecking service performance.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that executed the "Undoing replace operation" without the user noticing it. This ended up causing a timeout in the task.
  • Applied some adjustments on search/replace requests in really big jobs. The actual impact of those changes will depend on many variables, like environment differences, index fragmentation, etc. However, preview is generated in half of the time on standard cases and the replace itself is fairly quick too.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Tasks from being correctly handed in due to spelling validation issues (random null entries).
  • Fixed an issue with capitalization and spellcheck.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the addition of terms to the private dictionaries, when these dictionaries didn't exist for that specific locale.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Task Editor to edit TUs before the linked TUs are fetched from the server.
  • Fixed an issue with task offer expirations.
  • Fixed a bug that misplaced translation suggestions once the user previewed more than one suggestion.
  • Fixed a bug that caused errors when making operations on a TU while hint preview was displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that cause the Task Editor to become unresponsive.