Supplier Portal 1.10.0 - Supplier's Release notes

Supplier Portal 1.10.0 - Supplier's Release notes


  • Release date: 26 Apr 2023 
  • Version: Supplier Portal 1.10.0

Release detailsImproved TU savingThe TU saving has improved and flushes in more frequent intervals now, and when changing focus between TUs.

When a failure is detected, the saving indicator immediately changes to red color and has a tooltip when hovered. Affected TUs with unsaved changes have individual icon.

If the saving process fails some times or the user tries to refresh the page while there are unsaved changes, a modal pop up is shown to the end user to be confirmed before continuing.


Show current step changes in History of ChangesAfter a user does a change and jumps to the next TU, the change from the previous TU will appear in the History of Changes.


Keyboard shortcuts to be applied when a TU is focusedWhen the user works on a TU area (tick mark, target, source, locking, unlocking, etc.) the whole TU gets focused and both keyboard shortcuts and navigation arrows work accordingly, having as the point of reference the highlighted TU.


Keyboard shortcut to copy source to target (Ctrl+Q) puts cursor in the start of the translation textWhen using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Q to copy contents from source to target, the cursor will now be placed in the start of the translation text, instead of in the end, which was the previous behavior.


Machine Translation items added to Matching side panelMatching Translation jobs will have the retrieved matches displayed in the side panel of the Editor. The contents are displayed under the "Suggestions" section, labelled "MACHINE TRANSLATION" and identified with a blue robot icon. With this feature, if a Machine Translation item was modified during translation, it will be possible to revert to the MT translation.


Add and remove terms to/from private dictionaryImplemented the necessary changes so that it is possible to add terms to the private dictionary. Once they are present there, the validation does not treat them as a bad spelling.


QA Check warning suppressionTo be able to hand-in and deliver their tasks, suppliers need to suppress all the warnings first. Possibility to suppress them locally (on a single TU) and globally (for all the TUs affected by that warning) in a single TU validation window or in hand-in dialog.


Supplier Portal Dashboard - New columns and improvements to the column config menuSome columns were added to the SP Dashboard. In addition, implemented some changes so that if new columns are added after the user has set column preferences, they should be visible in the column config menu without clicking on restore defaults.


Machine Translation details presented in offer email and project detailsWC info in an email offer now includes:

  • Number of fuzzies
  • Total amount of MT words

All values are also displayed in project details on Supplier Portal Dashboard and inside the task.


Possibility to suppliers to provide the time spent on hourly-invoiced tasks (e.g. Revision)In Supplier Portal Editor, when hand in, supplier will see an editor to state the time spent on the task.


Create SOs for hourly-invoiced tasks with fixed time limitsWhen a revision task has a fixed time limitations:

  • In offer emails, time is shown to the supplier.
  • In Supplier Portal task details, time is shown to supplier.
  • In Supplier Portal Editor, time is displayed.