CBG offers translation of a wide range of documents from single documents to large-scale productions into over 100 languages with annual revisions. We have in-house translators for the most common language pairs and an extensive network of translators for other combinations and larger volumes. CBG’s core business area is multilingual documentation management.

We offer our customers the highest level of linguistics and graphic presentation by applying the most sophisticated management processes in combination with the latest developments in IT technology. CBG staff consists of specialised professionals within the areas of project management, linguistics and graphic production. We work closely together with a global network of language specialists to ensure a high quality product.


Effective communication can be a decisive factor for the global growth of all companies. Translation is one way of facilitating this growth. 

With translation you reach more people. With professional translation you reach the right people. You need a professional translation company to achieve results, that way the product – the translation of your text – will be accurate, professional and attractive. This is how you open the door to the world. CBG works with over 8 000 translators, language specialist and linguists, and together we help our customers with translations into hundreds of language pairs.


Our projects


CBG offers translation of a wide range of documents from single documents to large-scale productions into over 100 languages with annual revisions. Over the years we have built up an extensive global network of translators and proofreaders to ensure that the right person is available for the right assignment, and to be able to cope with customer demand over time.

Our translators

We have an extensive network of translators and proofreaders, each one is specialised in one or more areas of competence. They are all native in the language to which they translate, and the quality of their work is ensured by several quality assurance steps, which include both manual and automatic quality checks.

Our process

All of our assignments are managed by a dedicated project manager and, depending on size of the project, technical managers, resource managers and production managers are also assigned to the projects. These are the key personnel who interact with the customer. The projects are managed by means of a well-defined process that has been used for decades and continuously improved to shorten lead times and increase quality.


The process can be easily adapted to our customers' needs and includes optional steps as well as mandatory steps, e.g. market validation can be included, and the process is fully supported by our systems. Briefly, the first step of an assignment includes an analysis of the text and document formats to choose the right translators and tools, followed by translation, layout, quality assurance and delivery.

Project Management

When you choose us for a translation assignment, you are always assigned a personal project manager. The task of the project manager is to liaise with you and your organisation in order to ensure that the conditions for the assignment are as good as possible. The project manager also oversees the whole translation process and takes care of you the customer – before, during and after a translation project.

Translation memories

At CBG we work with translation memories for our customers. Here, we preserve all translations performed solely for you. This way we can re-use specific sentences and terms to be able to deliver a consistent and high qualitative translation.

Machine translation

Machine translation is a supplement to traditional translation, primarily if you as customer have large volumes for translation that need to be translated without the costs being too high. However, a serious machine translation project is preceded by a feasibility study where requirements, expectations and possibilities are clarified.


Terminology support

All companies have their styles of expression and their own terms that in most cases are built up over many years of work. The fact that such terms recur in a company’s texts gives a feeling of consistency and recognition. At CBG, we can help you put them to use, and combined with our customer-specific translation memories, this results in a high qualitative and rapid delivery.


Terminology systems

For active terminology work it can be useful to have the support of a terminology system where terms and expressions can be categorised, validated and defined. A terminology system also provides the opportunity to share your terminology work with other interested parties, both inside and outside the company, such as other departments, authors or translators. CBG’s terminology system, Brix, can be your support in this work.

Proofreading /

Does your text need to be checked or reviewed linguistically? CBG also offers proofreading. We regularly work with reviewing Web texts and marketing material, dissertations, agreements, political texts, legislation, and more. Our staff includes highly educated and experienced linguists and specialists within many professional fields and industries. 

Market review

Do you need help with market review of your translations in your respective markets throughout the world? Allow us to be of assistance. CBG can adopt the role of project coordinator for the whole process, from translation and communication with the different markets to adjusting and updating the translation memories. This way, your time is freed up to work in parallel with equally prioritised projects.

Localisation and adaptation

Do you have a text to be launched in a new market? If so, it needs to be adapted to the cultural and linguistic conditions that exist in the environment where it will be used, which is equally essential for both your global brand building and your sales.


With our international network of inspired specialists, we help companies to adapt their texts or create new ones in conformity with the communication requirements prevailing in the markets they want to reach. This paves the way for more immediate success.

Additional language services

Voice over

Recording a text for an introduction, commercial or demo film can be challenging – you have to find the right voice for your audience. For many years now, CBG has been working with world-leading audio production companies who will find the best voices for your films.


Language training

Through the years, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge at CBG about how companies can work to achieve high quality in authoring, language skills and in cultural variations. This is something we are happy to share. CBG offers companies tailored training courses according to the needs and challenges they may face. We start from your circumstances and combine educational teaching with real examples from working life.