Personal Data Protection Policy

CBG Konsult & Information AB’s Personal Data Protection Policy according to EU’s GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] (2016/679/EC).


Purpose of the registration and processing of personal data


You must feel secure when you provide your personal data to CBG Konsult & Information AB and its subsidiaries in the Group, hereinafter referred to as CBG. All processing of personal data is performed in accordance with applicable laws. CBG continuously monitors the security measures that are necessary to protect your personal data through confidentiality and to ensure its availability and accuracy.


Data Controller

CBG is the Data Controller for processing the personal data collected in order to facilitate CBG's operations. Personal data may be transferred between CBG's various entities in the Group in a continuous information and knowledge exchange in order to ensure that the global operations can be conducted in a manner consistent with established business goals.


The purpose of the registration of personal data

  • In order to manage contacts with customers, freelance resources like translators, providers of different services and employees, it is required that accurate and updated personal data is maintained in CBG's various systems.
  • In order to manage the cooperation with the freelance resources, to follow up their work, to monitor the activities in the different phases of the production processes, to follow up lead times and to make quality checks of delivered services, personal data is required.
  • In order to fulfill the obligations towards the customers according to concluded agreements, access to personal data is required to handle requests, quotations, orders, complaints and other customer service matters. If requested personal data is not disclosed, CBG cannot meet its commitments and any order must be canceled.
  • In order to fulfill CBG's legal obligations under legal requirements. 
  • In order to evaluate, develop and improve CBG's services and systems; customize services to offer more user-friendly systems to the customers and to simplify the work for the freelance language resources like translators and CBG's own staff. The data is processed on the basis of CBG's legitimate interest in developing the business operations and communicating with its contacts.
  • In order to prevent abuse of a service or to prevent, discourage and investigate criminal actions against CBG, e.g. possible fraud or other offenses.
  • In order to protect and improve CBG’s IT environment against attacks and intrusion.

CBG processes your personal data when you:

  • Register on CBG's web portal for recruitment, a general application or an application for a specific advertised position.
  • Register an application on CBG’s web portal for recruitment regarding language-related freelance assignments for translators, revisers, reviewers, etc.
  • Register a customer request on CBG's website regarding any of the services CBG offers.
  • Provide personal data as representative of one of CBG's customers or suppliers
  • In connection with the employment process, provide your personal data to any of CBG's local human resources departments.
  • Contact CBG in other cases via e.g. surface mail, email or social media.
  • Use CBG’s errand systems to notify an incident or make a request.
  • Add content to CBG’s Intranet.
  • Change content in CBG’s business systems.
  • Send emails via CBG’s email server.

Sensitive personal data

In cases where CBG stores sensitive personal data regarding an employee's residence and work permit, this is done solely for the purpose of complying with applicable legal requirements. As regards the gathering of employee health data, this is only done with the employee's consent.


What personal data is processed?


The personal data CBG processes depends on what kind of contact it concerns. In connection with contacts in the following categories, CBG stores complete name, address, phone number and email address:

  • Employee
  • Job applicant
  • Person making an inquiry regarding CBG’s services on the web
  • Applicant for language-related freelance assignments
  • Representative - Potential customer
  • Representative - Active customer
  • Representative - Supplier

To subscribe to an information service through CBG’s recruitment system, regarding current CBG job ads or just to sign on to CBG’s recruitment system, CBG will only process your email address.

If a contact is developed and leads, for example, to an employment or a freelance cooperation, CBG will process additional personal data that will be specified in a statement of consent which you will be asked to confirm.


CBG only uses your personal data for the purpose for which you provided the data. 


Consent in the processing of personal data


In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation / GDPR, CBG does not register any information without your consent.

By registering a job application, spontaneously or for a specific service, registering an application for freelance assignments, or for other services at CBG’s recruitment portal, registering a request on  CBG’s website regarding any of the company's services, providing personal data in connection with the employment process or as a customer or supplier representative providing personal data to facilitate cooperation with CBG, and sending surface mail or email to CBG, you give your consent to CBG to store your personal data. However, please bear in mind that you are always entitled to withdraw your consent.


Who may access your personal data


CBS's staff members only have access to the personal data necessary for the individual work tasks and duties. In some cases, CBG shares your personal data with so-called data processors in order to fulfill CBG’s commitments to customers or employees. This may apply to financial institutions, insurance companies, companies providing fringe benefits, companies providing occupational healthcare, freelance language resources such as translators, IT service providers and, where required by law, regulation or government decision as in the case of auditors.

A data processor is a company that processes personal data on behalf of CBG in accordance with CBG's instructions. A data processor is not entitled to use the data for purposes other than those agreed in a data processing agreement, where the Data processor undertakes to ensure the security of the personal data processed and undertakes to comply with detailed security requirements and to take the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.


Your rights as registered


Right to register extract

You are entitled to receive information about your personal data processed by CBG in a machine-readable format. Please bear in mind that if CBG receives a request for registry extracts, it may be necessary to ask for additional information to ensure the effective handling of your request and that the information is provided to the correct person.


Right to change

You may also request your personal data to be corrected if the data is incorrect. Within the stated purpose, you also have the right to supplement any incomplete data.


Right to erasure

You may request the deletion of your personal data that is stored at CBG. CBG may also correct or delete data that is incorrect or limit the processing of such data on its own initiative. CBG may have the right to deny your request if there are legal obligations that prevent CBG from immediately deleting certain personal data. These obligations may include, for example, accounting and tax legislation, banking and money laundering legislation and consumer law. It may also apply in a case after a balance of interests that an erasure of your personal data would create serious problems by making it impossible to maintain the necessary traceability to ensure the quality of CBG's services.


Storing of personal data


CBG stores your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill CBG's commitments or due to legal obligations. Personal data related to taxes and bookkeeping will be stored for an extended period of time in accordance with current legislation. Certain data such as the personal data of freelance language resources like translators stored in CBG's business system, which is to be considered crucial for CBG’s business activities, will not be deleted by default. Personal data associated with ongoing customer projects, will also not be deleted by default due to the need for the traceability that is required for CBG's continuous quality work. In relation to recruitment processes regarding applications for language related freelance assignments, general applications and applications for advertised positions, all personal data will be deleted from CBG’s recruitment system according to information specified in the recruitment system.

CBG will not store your personal data longer than is necessary for the purpose or purposes for which it was collected. Therefore, CBG has implemented routines for automatic and manual cleaning according to instructions given in policies regarding storing and processing of personal data.


Dispute resolution


Any questions or concerns regarding the use or disclosure of your personal data should be directed to CBG at the address provided in the section “How do you contact CBG?”. CBG will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes regarding the use and disclosure of personal data in accordance with the principles contained in this policy.


How do you contact CBG?


CBG takes privacy and data protection seriously. CBG continuously monitors the security measures that it considers necessary to protect personal data through confidentiality and ensure its availability and accuracy. Contact information in the event of a request for register extract/amend/delete data as well as other questions relating to personal data processing is as follows:


Name: Data Protection Officer

Corporate ID number: 556172-1993

Postal address: Box 1036, 172 21 SUNDBYBERG, Sweden

Visitor’s address: Löfströms allé 6 A, 3rd floor, 172 66 SUNDBYBERG, Sweden

Telephone: +46(8)555 84 00



Changes to CBG's policy


CBG may make changes to its Personal Data Protection Policy. The latest version of the Personal Data Protection Policy is always available on CBG's website. For updates that are critical to CBG's processing of personal data (such as changing specified purposes or categories of personal data) or updates that are not critical to the processing but which may be of crucial importance to you, you will find information on When CBG makes information about updates available, CBG will also explain the meaning of the updates and how they may affect you.